India must be aware of emerging international law:

On Saturday “TS Thakur” Chief Justice of India stressed that in the ever-shrinking world, "we must be aware of the international law" and deal with the emerging scenarios. The Chief Justice said in his inaugural address at a seminar on 'Principles of The Engagement of Domestic Courts with International Law' held here."The seminar was organized by the regional chapter of the International Law Association.
"We must be aware of what is happening in the world, prepare for it with an ability to deal with them.

Laws Protecting Pregnant worker

Two federal laws protect your workplace rights, if you are a pregnant worker.

On Human Trafficking- India unveils first-ever comprehensive draft law:

Thousands of mostly children and women are trafficked within India as well as from its poorer neighbors Bangladesh and Nepal - “Says, activists”.

India’s minister for children and women unveils first-ever comprehensive draft law on human trafficking, which would treat survivors as victims in need of protection and assistance rather than as criminals.
South Asia, at its center with India, is the second-largest and fastest-growing region for human trafficking after East Asia, in the world. says the UN Office on Crime and Drugs.

In India, The Legal Procedure For The Possession Of Gun

Possessing and owning a gun in India is considered as a privilege and not a right. The licensed person can only legally own, obtain or exchange an ammunition or firearm.
The Arms Rule 1962 and the Arms Act 1959, of India, disallows the deal, ownership, import, export, procurement, fabricate and transport of ammunition and guns unless under a permit and is a stringent procedure.
India’s government has a restrictive policy offering and generating guns, except some shotguns, of which a set number may be imported and created.

New Law On Bankruptcy

On Wednesday, Rajya Sabha passed the Bankruptcy code 2016. That will make it much easier to do business in India.
Once the President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee signs the legislation, from that time India will have a new Bankruptcy law that will make sure time-bound settlement insolvency. It will create a database of serial defaulters and enable faster turnaround of businesses.

Analysts say- implementation will remain the key As the new code is indicated on the creation of eco-system including information utilities, insolvency professional, and a bankruptcy regulator.

Panama Papers: Exploration to be under fresh anti-black money regulation

The monitoring and analysis of the cases of 500 Indians being called in the published 'Panama Forms' is likely to be executed underneath the rigid conditions of the legislation that is newest to combat the menace of black money.

Officials said the multi-agency team probe will soon be led from the inspections wing of the Main Panel of Direct Fees (CBDT), which, together with its foreign tax wing and people of the RBI and Economic Intelligence System (FIU), will work to the latest disclosures.

Taking Back the Indian Ocean

India’s relaxed shipping rules could mean trouble for the efforts to boost its effect within the Indian Ocean of China.

Offenses of Fraud- Requirement for Fresh perspective

“What is fraud? ” an easy definition of fraud as jurists, judges and lawmakers have skillfully avoided an offence, probably, due to its everlasting versatility. Fertility of human brain to produce new ingenuous and sudden deceptive techniques to create revenue and gain wrongfully causing reduction or problems for another, could be the reason a thorough classification to fraud isn't attempted to, as well as for laws against scam to alter from State to State.

Regulation panel for joint custody of children in divorce:

NEW DELHI: for That first-time in India, the concept of shared parenting has been proposed to offer joint custody rights of the child to both parents in the event of divorce -- identical legal status with respect to guardianship and custody.
The Law Commission on Friday presented a draft legislation towards the government proposing changes to custody laws and the existing guardianship. The draft legislation offers survival of children as vital consideration while deciding custody.

Void libel law

Civil-law punishes it like a tort; a civil offence given by a court in a suit towards the plaintiff. No statute codifies it but is founded on case law, really mainly on English situations.


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