Italy recalls its India envoy over 'delay' in case against marines

New Delhi: Italy on Tuesday recalled its ambassador from India in protest over delay in the legal proceedings against two Italian marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen. Ambassador Daniele Mancini will return to Italy immediately for consultations.
The Italy Foreign Ministry said in a statement, condemning "a new and unacceptable delay by the Indian Supreme Court" in a case that has heightened tensions between the two countries.


As a country and a people, the United States has consistently stood for the protection of fundamental freedoms and universal human rights. We believe that people everywhere should be treated equally, with dignity and respect, and that they should have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, no matter who they are or whom they love.

Obama warns Uganda over anti-gay law

RANCHO MIRAGE, California (Reuters) - President Barack Obama warned Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday that enacting an anti-gay law would complicate U.S. relations with Uganda and would be a "huge step backward" for all Ugandans."

Obama, on a weekend golf holiday in Southern California, issued a statement denouncing Museveni's plans to sign a law that would impose harsh sentences for those convicted of homosexual acts.

US law firm representing Indonesian government caught in NSA spying web

With help from the Australians, the NSA has been gathering private communications of US lawyers with their clients in the Indonesian government involved in a trade dispute with Washington, a secret document obtained by the New York Times reveals.

The document provided by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden exposes NSA activity in monitoring an American law firm at a time when it was representing the Indonesian government during its trade talks with counterparts from the US.

Indian Government Is Not Serious About Privacy Rights In India

Is Indian government serious about privacy law in India? This is a question that has come across my mind hundred of times for the past few years. Indian government has been dragging its feet regarding formulation of an effective privacy law in India.

As aptly pointed out by my friend Shayam Prasad if any thing that Indian government is very good at delivering is, it pertains to making false promises and empty claims. The latest in this series is its promise to formulate suitable privacy and data protection law(s) in India.

India's Women on the March

Sometimes countries suddenly take a mighty leap forward, forcing everyone else to take notice. On one critical issue–sexual harassment and rape–India has moved far into the lead. Following a number of brutal rapes that became notorious worldwide, Indian women are pushing back in radical, innovative and transformational ways.


City workers in Paris have been instructed to remove political messages from street art this week, including several paintings protesting against local anti-piracy law 'Hadopi'. The irony of the situation is that an artist's work is being censored because it criticizes a law that's supposed to protect artists.

Ever since its introduction, French three-strikes law “Hadopi” has been a steady topic of controversy. When the French agency tasked with handling file-sharers’ copyright violations launched for example, its own logo was found to be infringing.

UW Law Library’s List of Android Applications for Lawyers, Law Faculty and Law Students

Law librarians, and particularly Kris Turner, at the University of Wisconsin were hard at work compiling a new guide to Android.
I’m happy to see this list of information, and hopefully UW will continue to grow the list of apps. I always like to see other people’s favorites because sometimes I get a bit lonely when discussing the wonderful world of Android for lawyers.

Kris has a lot of good suggestions, including a great compilation of blog posts to accompany each category of app.

Anti-gay law not against human rights -Cleric

A cleric, Pastor Johnson Olabisi, said on Saturday that it was wrong to consider the law against same sex marriage as an infringement on the human rights of some people.

Olabisi, the Oyo State Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, made this remark in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Ibadan.

“My opinion about this is biblical to the extent that I don’t think any student or cleric of the Bible can assert his own ideas on whatever God does not ordain in the Bible.

Obama Signs Measure Lifting Federal Debt Limit into Law

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. (AP) — President Barack Obama has signed separate measures lifting the federal debt limit and restoring full cost of living benefits for military retirees.

Obama signed the bills into law Saturday during a weekend golf vacation in Southern California.

The debt limit measure frees the government to borrow the money it needs to pay bills, such as Social Security benefits.

Failure to pass it most likely would have sent the stock market into a dive.


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