Civil Lawyers

Civil law is a legal system encouraged by Astha Law Solutions, the major aspect of which is that laws are written into a collection, codified and not determined as is common law, by judges. We provide information about civil law and also provide civil lawyers with highly experienced for all type of civil cases. A lawyer who specialise in civil law is known as a civil lawyer.

Wills, Probate & Succession

"Will” indicates the lawful announcement of the objective of testator with regard to his residence which he preferred to be taken after the impact of his loss of life.

A will is a legitimate personality of a residing individual to take impact after his loss of life, to bogus impact after his loss of life of his non reusable residence but in law Ultimate volunteers in the program is used where areas or tenements are developed, and Testament, when it concerns chattels.

Traffic & Driving Offenses

We are professionals in assisting your battle visitors Challans and boosting Challans and decrease the expenses for various generating violations. If you have obtained a boosting solution in Delhi you should contact us to learn how you can lower your excellent or decrease your demerit factors. Many visitors’ offenses can be overthrown; preserving you plenty of rupees in decreased expenses and expenses.

Visitors violations generally managed include:

Trade Mark, Patent, Copyright

IP (IP) is the development of individual intelligence. It represents the concepts, information, innovation, advancement, creativeness, and analysis etc., all being the product of individual minds and is just like any residence, whether portable or immovable, wherein the proprietor or the proprietor may specifically use his residence at will and has the right to avoid others from using it, without his authorization. The privileges with regards to perceptive residence are known as 'Intellectual Property Rights'.

Real Estate & Property Disputes

Tired of builder’s fake guarantees or still waiting for the due possession? It's time to be smart and cautious. Our law Firm offer solutions which can allow buyers/clients who seek to buy, sell, rent, rent or invest in Native Indian Actual Residence. Our Astha Law Company's suggest provides lawful solutions for a whole range of property dealings. Astha Law Company's solutions in title investigation, buying, selling, rental & leasing and growth of real estate have been used by a lot of growth of real estate companies, individuals and designers of personal and professional projects.

Partnership disputes

When you are experiencing a partnership law suit and look for the Lawful Solutions of a Great Judge Suggest or a Superior Judge Suggest having the essential experience to properly handle your legal dispute, you are in our Astha Law Company's safe hands.

Matrimonial Issues

Astha Law Solutions presently working as an active lawyers firm that  started it's practice in the year 2006 and has over 7 years of experience in the MATRIMONIAL field and has now a dream of inaugurating a prominent Law Firm to expand the sentience about the legal proceedings for the accusers who are facing in the Court and others who will be awaiting for the same.


If you or a family member has been the sufferer of a serious accidental grievance incident, it is essential that you get in touch with a knowledgeable car incident lawyer to signify your privileges. The knowledgeable supporters at Astha Law Companies signify harmed individuals and or their family members. If you have experienced a serious damage get in touch with the Delhi Lawyers right away to receive an assessment with one of our experienced accident injury attorneys.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Before you lease out your residence or buy a new residence, you need to confirm the residence relevant records for preventing all complications and risk involved with the residence. Astha Law solutions offer a mixture of lawful skills along with quality services to confirm your residence relevant records. The Papers Confirmation includes performing verification of records relevant to the residence which allows the clients to get complete information, stability and stability of the records associated with the residence.

Labour & Industrial Disputes

The Astha Law Company has significant experience in work law issues, almost of every aspect in this respect, which range from labour-management interaction to fair career methods. Law Company also suggests on issues concerning retirement living, well being benefit plans and career elegance regulations. The Astha Law Company also suggests customers on major industrial conflicts such as employer-employee problems, re-organization, changes in the workforce, terms and condition of career etc.


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